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Dedication. Determination. Distinction.

Founded in 2014, VividRock has been delivering world-class service to a diverse set of global clients in varying industries. Our focus has always been to provide our clients with beautiful, functional designs and solutions that enable them to stand out in the modern, hyper-dynamic landscape.

Originally, we started out as an Information Technology and Graphic Design firm. The founder, Dustin Estes, spent over 16 years working as an IT solutions consultant for companies all over the globe. During that time, he noticed that many small to mid-size organizations often required help with both IT and Design. The deeply technical aspect of both disciplines made it obvious that a firm that could deliver both would truly meet, and exceed, the demands of a growing, modern business.

With so many tech firms and design firms to choose from, what makes VividRock the perfect fit? We believe it is our ability to seamlessly join these two disciplines together into solutions that no other firm can. Furthermore, we know how to distill this down into something our clients can easily understand and achieve. Ultimately, this means you can focus more on growing the success of your business and less on the minutiae.

Given our creative talent and our years of technical expertise, we are confident we are going to be your “Bedrock for Success”.

We aim to be just as approachable as we are professional.

At VividRock, we realize that our clients require a professional level of service combined with a friendly approach. The process of working through design concepts and challenges is more enjoyable when you feel your designers understand yourself as well as your company’s needs. We believe this be a major contributor to successful projects and satisfied customers and it’s why we consider it to be part of our core, guiding principles.

Here for All Your Needs.

Our Core Principles.

Most of our clients come to us after working with other designers and firms with a range of experiences, both good and bad. Our goal is not only to earn your business, but to retain it as well. We don’t mind one-off projects if that is all you need, but we definitely don’t want to miss the chance to retain a client and build those relationships further.

Some clients have continued to work with us beyond their business needs and have included their personal projects as well. We love helping with anything that will make a lasting impression for you, no matter what it is.

  • Weddings: announcement websites, save-the-dates & invites, giveaways/gift bags, seating cards, banners & signage for the event space
  • Home decor such as vinyl wall murals & decals for movie rooms, man caves, baby rooms
  • Cornhole boards and barbecue invites for summer parties
Provide Quality

We provide a level of quality and service we believe to be unparalleled. We want you to be just as proud of our designs and innovative thinking as we are.

Build Trust

We know that your company, and its perception in the marketplace, is the most important thing to you. We want to earn your trust and be an advisor who can help you to build and protect it.

Ensure Success

If our clients are not successful, then we cannot be successful either. We work with you to ensure that success is a reciprocal fortune we both achieve.

We Are Our Client's Bedrock for Success!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Guarantees are difficult to provide with this type of work given the process of conceptualization to design to production. However, at VividRock, we want you to be just as ecstatic with our work as we are. We will always strive to ensure that our clients are nothing but happy.

While it might be your name on the artwork, we take it as seriously as if it were ours too. We don’t produce anything that we wouldn’t be proud to stand beside and say, “That’s a VividRock design.”

We get asked this a lot and it makes us sad to hear clients who have dealt with this. No, we do not keep your files squirreled away in our design vaults, holding you hostage to our services for fear you may never see the files again.

Once the design work is complete, you receive a full set of files that include any raw drawings, finalized artwork, and all the supporting documentation. We recognize that our clients can certainly find their own print shops to produce this work, it’s entirely up to them. However, we believe we provide far more value over the do-it-yourself method given our expertise and the time-saving benefit of using us instead of spending your precious time on it.

The sad part is, as much as we try, we will never be able to do EVERYTHING a customer might ask of us. There are just so many needs to be met. We do try to provide a comprehensive and complimentary portfolio of services to our clients and are always reevaluating to see if we should adjust this. Our goal will always be to maintain our high standards and deliver on our Core Principles.

With that said, just because we may not offer a service doesn’t mean we can’t help you find a solution that works.



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